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The process of dissolving a marriage, agreeing on custody of children or adopting a child has the possibility of being a long and stressful process. While you want nothing more than to start a new chapter of your life, the complications that arise require the help of a trusted family law attorney, like the experienced staff at James B. Palmquist III Co. LPA.

Our firm is not only a trusted local institution that has been in the Medina community for over 100 years, but our attorneys are also passionate and dedicated to helping residents with their family issues. They actively work on certifications and attorney Rebecca Clark is recognized as Medina County’s only family law specialist. Our experience and longevity within the community are well-equipped to resolve your family law issue with compassion and understanding.

Guidance Through The Divorce Process

Divorce is never easy, whether it is agreed or contested. Despite the multiple worries and stresses that you are experiencing as you travel this difficult path, our attorneys are prepared to represent you and promise to take care of you throughout the process. One of our divorce lawyers will assess your options and whether your divorce goes to trial or can be resolved through mediation, we have the knowledge to skillfully work toward a resolution either way.

Child Custody, Support And Visitation Issues Covered

We understand the importance and emotional strain of fighting for your kids. With this in mind, we make sure to work hard and fight for everything you deserve. In Ohio, there are many things that factor into how a judge determines child custody, such as:

  • Who is/has been the primary caretaker?
  • Has there been any abuse or violence by someone?
  • Is one parent abusing drugs or alcohol?
  • What is the income of each parent?
  • Can each parent provide a stable household for the children?
  • Has there been a previous loss of custody from a parent?

Working together, we help our clients navigate these issues and determine a plan that is in the best interest of the children.

In the event that neither parent is able to take care of the children, we are ready to work to help grandparents, stepparents and other family members with gaining custody as well.

Assistance With Bringing Your Adopted Child Home

Adoptions are a special time for people looking to expand or start their families. Despite the process being long and confusing, our experienced attorneys are ready to step in with the process. We will guide you through the adoption process and make sure that all paperwork and officialities are ready to pass through the courts so you can bring your child home as soon as possible. We work with a wide variety of adoptions that include stepparent, international and single-parent adoption.

Attorneys With Post-Divorce Experience

A post-decree modification is filed when a couple comes to a disagreement on the divorce and seeks to amend them. These issues can be the result of a parent having problems with custody or a spouse with issues involving alimony, for example. We are well-equipped to represent you in court and make sure that your best interests for you and your family are heard and understood, whether that involves fighting for modifications or reviewing the dispute from the other party.

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